Everything about Vitamins

Vitamins, a word you must have heard of. Vitamins being important for your health but what are Vitamins realy about, how many different vitamins do you have and do you need? Within this text i will explain you all about the benifits vitamins can give you for your health and body.

What are Vitamins?

Vitamins are molecules that are usualy in a group with other molecules that any body or organism needs so that it can stay healthy. A big amount of it isnt any good either. In order to gain these vitamins, you must be go on a diet to eat specific food that can help you out with gaining vitamins in your body. Some vitamins however are not gained trough specific medicines or even diets. Only a handfull of vitamins are. The Vitamins are also there to have certain biochemical functions. For example, the role of Vitamin A is to reproduce cells and make sure tissue and cells keep growing in the body. Be aware that too much or too little of most vitamins can be dangerous and can put you at risk cause of too many or less vitamins. Too much vitamins can make your body confused and have way to many things to work with. If you have too little Vitamins, then your body doesnt have anything to work with and so you will lose your vitamins and your health decreases.

The Discovery of Vitamins

The discovery of health and vitamins in general was actually in the time of Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians knew that if you ate a liver for example, it would help you with night blindness which is an illness that is caused if you got too little Vitamin A. It also was noted that within the Age of Discovery, ship sailor would get often sick when they would travel long distances compared to normal citizens. This was cause these sailors would be inside of the ships for months and would have limited to no access to normal food and especially to fruits. Meanwhile normal citizens would be able to eat anything and so they were able to gain the required vitamins. In 1747 this was further proved when the Scottish surgen James Lind had noticed that shipcrews wouldnt get scurvy as often when they would eat more fruits compared to normal shipcrews. Even if other reasons of getting sick includes no proper wound healing, being healty and eating the proper vitamins would help majorly with diseases and wounds within ships in general. Hence from that point on, the British Royal Navy made shipcrews have lemons or limes in their salor meals/diets. This also explains why alot of British sailor would get called ''limey'' cause they would have to eat alot of limes and lemons.

The First Experiments

A century later, there were done even more studies for health. It was discoverd that fish oil was able to cure the bones of rats that sometimes would go weak. From that point on, it was made clear that fish oil in general would cure weakend bones and made a nutrient from fish oil for people to ingest. Therefore it was officially the first vitamin that you could drink in like a medicine, however nowdays it turned into VItamin D. There was also done another research to prevent scurvy. a Russian doctor named Nikolai Lunin did a few tests on rats. He would feed one rat with an artificial mixture of ingredients that would make artificial milk and the other rat would simply get milk normaly, however the rat that had the artificial mixture died. So there was made an conslucion that normal food should be used and not artificialy made food that wouldnt represent the original. Unfortunatly, this research and a few other researches were rejected. However in 1910, Japanese scientist Umetaro Suzuki was able to make the first ever medicine that could soluble in water. It got called ''Orizanin''. After the discovery, he wanted the medicine to be published with the help of the Japanese scientific journal. Again, this article got rejected after the translation of the description failed.

The Future of Vitamins

Another attempt was made by the Polish-born chemechist Casimir Funk. He made it a little more complex than the Japanese scientist and also proposed an more complex name, hence the name ''vitamin''. Later this vitamine would become vitamin B3. Later after he released the medicine, he proposed that other diseases such asscurvy and rickets for example could be cured if a human were to have enough vitamines. Because of these major breakthrough caused my many scientists, the nobel prizes were started and won by several of them like AldofWindaus for contributing in the research, Paul Karrer for further perfecting the medicine and the studies, Joseph Svirbely for making Vitamin C and many more. From that point on, many companies started to advertise and sell these vitamin pills to the public. They would also find other ways to make medicines. They also would claim that certain products have vitamins in them like fruits. Hospitals also further researched the capabilities of medicines and brought out new inventions such as, infusions, powder medicine and many more ways to take in vitamines and medicine. Because of that, people can be treated better and faster to make sure even less people die compared to centuries ago where by having a flue you could possibly die.

Vitamines and medicines in general changed lives of many and therefore was an important process to go trought. Thanks to the experiments and the researches, many lives are now saved. If you ever need some more vitamins, dont be shy to go to the doctor and ask for advice. You could also try to eat more food and take care of yourself. Having too little vitamines could be vital for your health. These days, researchers and scientists are continuing their research to make even better medicines and vitamins to possibly keep your body even healther and to prevent and kill diseases that are seen as uncurable in today's world. It is just a matter of time before no man can become sick and live the best they can.